Brilliant Basement Ideas

A basement used to be a cool, spider-filled concrete block and dirt room where Grandma stored her canned vegetables. Today, basements can be billiard rooms, drum studios or dens for the family to gather, or anything else you can imagine. Use these ideas or pick options from these and create your own fantastic space in your basement.

Basement Brilliance
All of that space downstairs is a blank canvas, just waiting for your vision. Maybe you want a neon bar light hanging over your billiards table. Do you envision the guys coming over and enjoying a cold one while you play nine-ball? Or, it could be that you were thinking of something with a bit more class. A wine cellar is a great way to use your basement- especially if it isn't finished space. With some great racks, pretty lighting and good waterproofing, your basement will be a perfect wine cellar.

Knowledge Downstairs
Homeschoolers and those studying for degrees will love having their classroom in the basement. Desks, chairs, white boards and project walls will all fit nicely in your space downstairs. The quiet area removed from the rest of the house is the perfect place for studying and testing

Exercise Space
Square footage, open space and great laminate floors are wonderful places for exercising. Zumba, yoga, dance and even roller-skating are all options that will keep you in tip-top shape while utilizing your basement space. A small closet will give you a space to store yoga mats, balls and exercise equipment. Perfect! Consider installing a surround-sound system to really make your gym rock.

Let Your Basement Make Money
A wide-open basement is the perfect spot for a small business. Are you a massage therapist? Turn your basement into a business with massage tables, subtle lighting and soft music. Sewers, quilters, telemarketers and more- just about any business can use a basement as an office space or a creation spot. Think outside of the box; will your business become a home business this year?

Couponer's Paradise
Do you clip coupons? If you get a lot of deodorant, mac and cheese and toothpaste for nearly nothing- you buy it, right? Where do you store it, though? Cases of toilet paper and boxes of laundry detergent take up lots of closet space. Install free-standing shelves in your basement and store all of those great deals.

Basements aren't boring anymore. Transform your basement into brilliant space. Check out, for more basement renovation related information.

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